1. Multi-modality Imagery Database (MSU-PID)

    We collect a multi-modality plant imagery database named “MSU-PID” including two types of plants: Arabidopsis and bean. It is captured using four types of imaging sensors:fluorescence, infrared(IR), RGB color, and depth. The imaging setup and the variety of manual labels allow MSU-PID to be used for a diverse ...

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    Keywords: Plant Vision, Database

  2. Typing Behavior Dataset

    This dataset is released in two different forms. Acoustics: 45 subjects from phase 1. Visual: Full dataset. Typing Behavior Dataset may be downloaded from here.

    We collect a first-of-its kind keystroke database in two phases. Phase 1 includes 56 subjects typing multiple same day, fixed and free text, sessions. It ...

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    Keywords: Typing behavior