1. PIFA Source Code

    Dense Face Alignment implementation may be downloaded from here.

    Pose-Invariant Face Alignment with a Single CNN implementation may be downloaded from here.

    PIFA implementation may be downloaded from here.

    The part of AFLW database used for training and testing can be found from here.

    If you use PIFA code, please ...

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    Keywords: Face alignment

  2. Multi-modality Imagery Database (MSU-PID)

    We collect a multi-modality plant imagery database named “MSU-PID” including two types of plants: Arabidopsis and bean. It is captured using four types of imaging sensors:fluorescence, infrared(IR), RGB color, and depth. The imaging setup and the variety of manual labels allow MSU-PID to be used for a diverse ...

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    Keywords: Plant Vision, Database

  3. Typing Behavior Dataset

    This dataset is released in two different forms. Acoustics: 45 subjects from phase 1. Visual: Full dataset. Typing Behavior Dataset may be downloaded from here.

    We collect a first-of-its kind keystroke database in two phases. Phase 1 includes 56 subjects typing multiple same day, fixed and free text, sessions. It ...

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    Keywords: Typing behavior