Xiaoming Liucomputer vision, pattern recognition, image and video processing, machine learning, human computer interface, medical image analysis, multimedia retrieval

Post Doctoral Fellows

Feng Liufacial analysis, computer Vision.

Graduate Students

Yaojie Liuface reconstruction, face alignment, face anti-spoofing
Garrick Brazilobject detection, deep learning
Shengjie Zhu3D scene understanding
Masa Hucomputer vision (jointly with Prof. Guoliang Xing)
Andrew HouFace modeling
Abhinav Kumarobject detection, computer vision
Vishal Asnanilow-level image analysis
Xiao Guolow-level image analysis

Undergraduate Students

Ziyuan Zhang

Visiting Researchers

Hao DangImage forgery detection
Lanqing HuDomain adaption
Chang ChenLow-level vision

Former Lab Members

Luan TranPh.D (Fall 2015-Fall 2019). First job at Facebook Reality Lab at Seattle WA.
Amin JourablooPh.D (Fall 2014-Spring 2019). First job at Facebook Reality Lab at Pittsburgh PA.
Xi YinPh.D (Fall 2013-Summer 2018). First job as Researcher at Microsoft AI and Research.
Yousef AtoumPh.D (Fall 2013-Spring 2018). First job as an Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Engineering, Hijjawi Faculty For Engineering Technology, Yarmouk University, Jordan. Now at General Motors Co.
Seyed Morteza SafdarnejadPh.D (Fall 2013-Spring 2017), co-supervision with Lalita Udpa. First job at Adobe Systems.
Muhammad Jamal Afridi Ph.D (Fall 2012-Spring 2017), co-supervision with Arun Ross and Erik Shapiro. First job at 3M Company.
Joseph RothPh.D (Fall 2012-Summer 2016), First job at Google@Pittsburgh.
Joel StehouwerMS (Fall 2018-Spring 2020).
Bangjie YinMS (Fall 2017-Summer 2019). First job at Tencent Youtu Lab, Shanghai China.
Liping ChenMS (Fall 2013-Spring 2016), First job at, Inc., Seattle, WA.
Lingyi WuMS (Fall 2012-Summer 2014), First job at Med-Care Diabetic and Medical Supplies, Inc., Boca Raton, FL.
Lekui Zhouvisiting researcher during Fall 2013, Zhejiang University.
Ke Ning visiting researcher during Spring and Summer 2016, Zhejiang University.
Ying Taivisiting researcher during Spring and Summer 2016, Nanjing University of Science and Technology. First job at Tencent Youtu.
Yunfei Wangvisiting researcher during Spring 2017, Capital Normal University.